Tye and Melissa have been together for over a decade (minus a year of The Bachelor drama) and are the proud, and sleep deprived, parents to three young children.

They've collaborated for work before, on their CMT reality show "Melissa & Tye: A New Reality." And now, they're taking their talents to the airwaves.

Covering all things pop culture, entertainment, and of course family and relationships, you'll never know what to expect with this silly duo!

melissa‚Ä® Rycroft-Strickland

Melissa Rycroft-Strickland is an American television personality and host, dancer, and former Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader. She appeared on the 13th season of ABC’s The Bachelor, co-starred with Tye on their own CMT reality series Tye and Melissa, and was on the 8th and 15th seasons of ABC’s Dancing with the Stars.

tye strickland

Tye Strickland is an American business owner and television personality. He currently runs his own insurance agency in Dallas, TX. He co-starred with Melissa on their CMT reality series, named Tye and Melissa.